X-Chair X2: Is It Worth It?

If you’re on the hunt for a new office chair, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the brand X-Chair. This brand is very prominent with traditional advertising, utilizing tv and radio spots. A question we get all the time here at BTOD.com is, do the chairs match-up to the marketing claims they advertise?

Due to it’s marketing campaigns, the X-Chair X2 (Buy on Amazon) is a very popular and well-known chair in the industry. Starting around $900, this is one of the more expensive chairs that we’ve reviewed in our office. This blog will go over the pros and cons of the X-Chair X2 and if it’s worth the money.

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X-Chair X2: Is It Worth It?

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Hands down, the biggest positive from the X2 is the adjustability. Equipped with seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustments, four-way adjustable arms, back height adjustment, height and tilt adjustable headrest, and multiple position lock with tension control. We found that all of these adjustments work well with a decent range, giving this chair a lot of ability to be customized.


While this chair comes with just about every adjustment you can have on a chair, it does have some flaws. To begin, there are a couple of policies that come along with this chair that don’t exactly match those of chairs in the same price range. While they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee, unfortunately, they charge you $149.00 for return shipment inside the continental US, and $199.99 for returns from Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. So even if you get your money back, you’re still spending $149-$200.

The warranty on this chair is also not up to standard with others at this price point. You’ll get 15 years of coverage on all non-moving components, which covers only the base and chair frame. Then you get five years of coverage on all moving components and materials, which covers the mechanism, upholstery, etc. The kicker with this warranty is that if you make a claim after the first two years of purchasing, you are responsible for any shipping charges associate.

Seat Comfort

Another negative that is attached to this chair is seat comfort. Of all the chairs tested and scored for seat comfort in our office, the X-Chair X2 scored the lowest. One of the reasons why it scored so low was the design of the seat. It features a design we see on a lot of mesh chairs that incorporates a pad on the seat itself. The reason that companies do this is to replicate the Herman Miller Aeron’s mesh seat, which was the first chair to do this. The problem with this design is that instead of having a point at the front of the chair where you can feel the frame, it creates more of a crease right behind the pad that you can feel while sitting. Like many other mesh chairs, the X2 has this problem, and was not well liked by testers.

The chair frame overall was another reason why testers in our office did not like the chair. When you have a hard frame around a mesh design, it doesn’t give you a ton of room to move and wiggle around. It’s also uncomfortable when you move and bump up against the frame.

Like most mesh chairs, this chair will be on the firmer side in comparison to a padded chair. With that being said, if you don’t like a really firm seat, this may not be the right chair for you.

Additionally, a big reason why our testers didn’t like the chair was because of the seat tilt. It has a very strange tilting mechanism that has a what seems like forward seat tilt motion, but you can’t sit in the chair completely level. This forces you into an awkward position and can make your sitting experience uncomfortable.

Lower Backrest Comfort

Testers in our office also had complaints about lower backrest comfort, rating it near the bottom of our list of chairs for backrest comfort. The first reason is the backrest frame itself. It’s very pronounced and doesn’t bend or move with you as your changing positions in the chair. This makes it so you can feel the frame in your back every time you move around.

Another reason why this chair was uncomfortable for some was the lumbar support system and how it functions. It’s supposed to be a dynamic system that adapts to the weight of the person in the chair. The problem is, if you’re too light for the chair the lumbar feels too pronounced and if you’re too heavy for the chair, the lumbar doesn’t feel pronounced enough. If you’re not in the narrow middle weight range, the lumbar support system likely won’t work properly for you.

Armrest Comfort

The final thing our testers disliked about this chair is armrest comfort. It scored in the low 40s on our list, putting it near the bottom of our list once again. The main reason for its low score is the firmness of the arm pads. They don’t have a lot of give to them and in the center it’s almost as hard as plastic. The edges of arms are bit softer, but the center of these arm pads is as hard as any other chairs we’ve tested.

Also, the height range is a little unfortunate for this chair. While they do go up quite high, they are lacking in how low you can put them. This can affect you if you’re trying to put your arm pads low enough to fin underneath a desktop or get them out of the way completely.

The first justification you must look at when buying this chair is price in relation to build quality. In our testing, it was noticed that this feels more like a mid-market as opposed to a high-end chair as it is priced. In comparison to other chairs in this same price range, this chair simply doesn’t feel as smooth or work as nicely. A couple of examples are the armrest depth adjustment and headrest height adjustment, as they are both very difficult to use, which shouldn’t be the case on a high-end chair. This chair is built with similar quality to an Office Master Seating chair, which typically costs several hundred dollars less than the X2.

The second problem with this chair is the policies that come along with purchasing the chair. Having to pay a minimum of $149 to return the chair, only getting five years of coverage on moving components and materials, followed by having to pay for any shipping charges after two years is by no means typical in comparison to chairs for the same price.

Just looking at this chair from a per-year cost basis, breaking it down assuming a five-year warranty, you’re spending around $175 per year for the chair. With some of the lowest comfort scores we’ve seen, it’s hard to say that this chair is worth the money in comparison to the Steelcase Amia, Steelcase Think, Steelcase Series 2, Haworth Zody, Herman Miller Celle, and many more that have far better value at this price point. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say the X-Chair X2 is not worth the money.

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