ViewSonic VX2250WM – monitor of the month (10/2010) – PC Monitors

The ViewSonic VX2250WM so very nearly made it through as monitor of the month last month and to be honest a coin flip might as well have decided the outcome. The VX2250WM is an attractive and rather unique-looking computer monitor built with energy efficiency in mind. Not only does the LED backlight reduce the energy consumption of the VX2250WM; it also makes it thin and light without giving it that dreaded ‘cheap’ feel – the build quality of the monitor is excellent and rather astounding given its price. The ViewSonic VX2250WM also outputs surprisingly good colours for a ‘TN LCD panel’ and produces a bright, clear and smooth image even during fast motion. If you’re looking for a PC monitor with a slightly larger screen there is also the VX2450WM that offers the same level of performance and excellent value.

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