VARIDESK ProPlus™ 36 vs Ergotron WorkFit-T: Which is better?

This comparison will be between the VARIDESK ProPlus™ 36 and Ergotron WorkFit-T. These are two extremely popular products and will often be compared side by side by potential buyers.  They are very similar in overall functionality and have a similar price point. In reality, these products have some major differences. In this review, I will point out the differences between the two so that you are as informed as possible when deciding which standing desk converter is best for you.

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ProPlus™ 36 vs WorkFit-T

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ProPlus™ 36 vs. WorkFit-T Video Summary

  ProPlus™ 36 WorkFit-T
Manufacturer Varidesk, LLC Ergotron
Country or Origin China China
Sits on top of desk Yes Yes
Lifting Mechanism 2 Handle Spring Lift Assist 2 Handle Spring Lift Assist
Keyboard & Monitor Platform Yes Yes
Lifting Capacity 35 lbs. 35 lbs.
Product Weight 52 lbs. 49 lbs.
Height Position Options 11 20
Overall at lowest height 36”W x 29.75”D x 4.5”H 35”W x 25”D x 5”H
Overall at highest height 36”W x 41.75”D x 17.5”H 35”W x 25”D x 19.5”H
Base Dimensions 30”W x 24”D 31.75”W x 22.25”D
Keyboard Tray Dimensions 36”W x 14.25”D 24.75”W x 9.25”D
Monitor Platform Dimensions 36”W x 20”D 35”W x 23”D
Max Keyboard Platform Height 13.75”H 15.25”
Max Monitor Platform Height 17.75”H 19.5”
Min Keyboard Platform Height .75”H .75”
Min Monitor Platform Height 4.75” 5”
Distance Keyboard to Monitor 4” 4”
Warranty Period 5 Years 5 Years

2022 Price

The ProPlus™ 36 has had very consistent pricing for its lifespan at $425.00 with free shipping. The WorkFit-T is sold through a wide range of sellers so the pricing can vary, but Ergotron sells the WorkFit-T directly on their website for $475.00 with free shipping. The accessories for the WorkFit-T are also a bit less expensive than the options available for the ProPlus™ 36.

  ProPlus™ 36 WorkFit-T
Price $425.00 $464.99
Shipping Free Free
Single Monitor Arm $175.00 $109.00
Dual Monitor Arms $275.00 $176.33
Where To Buy Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

The WorkFit-T and ProPlus™ 36 come with 30-day money back guarantees. You can return the WorkFit-T for a full refund but the item needs to be returned in its original packaging. Ergotron will cover your return shipping charges.

You can return the ProPlus™ 36 within the first 30 days for a full refund. VARIDESK will cover the return shipping charges and will send you a box if you disposed of the original.

It is important to note that the black version of the WorkFit-T actually features a grey monitor platform and keyboard tray. The rest of the product is black.

  Finish Options
ProPlus™ 36 Black, White, Darkwood, Butcher Block
WorkFit-T Black or White

  ProPlus™ 36 WorkFit-T
Order Processing Time Within 24 Hours Within 24 Hours
Shipping Time 1-5 Business Days 1-5 Business Days
Shipping Method UPS Ground UPS Ground
Assembly Required No, Ready out of box No, Ready out of box

The ProPlus™ 36 and WorkFit-T both come out of China. They both utilize a double z shaped base design with a spring assisted system for the height changes. From there, you will start to find some differences.

Due to the standard z shaped base design used on the ProPlus™ 36, the unit moves out as it is raised. This forces you to stand further from your desk at taller heights. The handles are easy to press but they do make a loud clicking sound. The height adjustment is also smooth and easy to perform but the springs will often times squeak loudly while moving the unit. The locking system is also inconsistent and does not always fully engage. The fiberboard used on both platforms is lower quality and the edges on the undersides of them are sharper than I would prefer.

ProPlus™ 36 extended outward at max height

The WorkFit-T was designed so that the tops of the arms for the base connect to brackets that can slide. Instead of moving out toward you when raising the unit, it moves straight up and down. The handles are easy to press and make no sound. Adjusting the height is smooth and easy to perform. There are also no awkward sounds when adjusting the height. The WorkFit-T locks firmly in place at all heights and this has been consistent through my testing. The keyboard tray and monitor platforms are higher quality than the ProPlus™ 36 with the monitor platform featuring a downward sloping edge.

Z lift on Workfit-T
Z lift on Workfit-T

The WorkFit-T and ProPlus™ 36 are vastly different products when it comes to stability. While the WorkFit-T was recently featured on my list of the most stable standing desk converters, the ProPlus™ 36 would be in consideration for a list of the least stable standing desk converters.  The WorkFit-T excels in almost all areas of my stability testing with its only real downside being some monitor shake at standing height due to a front to back rocking motion that is present.

The ProPlus™ 36 is very solid in the sitting position, even outperforming the WorkFit-T at sitting height. Unfortunately, the ProPlus™ 36 is very unstable at standing height. It has some of the worst keyboard bounce and monitor shake I have seen on a standing desk converter. The product also has some miscellaneous issues that cost the unit several points in the general stability category. The unit does not fully hold its lock all the time and when it does lock there is still a little bit of overall bounce on the unit. The unit also has the potential to tip forward and possibly off your desk if too much weight or force is placed on the keyboard tray when at standing height.



Sitting Wobble (10%) Standing Wobble (15%) Sitting Bounce (10%) Standing Bounce (15%) Sitting Shake (10%) Standing Shake (15%) General (25%) Total Score
WorkFit-T 95/100 85/100 100/100 90/100 85/100 70/100 85/100 86/100
ProPlus™ 36 100/100 80/100 100/100 40/100 90/100 45/100 40/100 64/100

Neither product is going to feature dual ergonomics out of the box, but they are both capable of accepting monitor arms. This will allow the units to be dual ergonomic. Both units will raise your normal typing height .75” when in the sitting position. The ProPlus™ 36 has a maximum keyboard tray height of 13.75” and the WorkFit-T has a slightly higher maximum height of 15.25”. Both units provide plenty of distance from your monitor to the front of your keyboard tray to provide the proper ergonomic viewing distance.

The monitor platforms on both units are rectangular with pronounced cut-outs at the front of them. The big difference between the two is that the WorkFit-T has a deeper monitor platform so losing space to the cut-out at the front is not as noticeable. But, the cut-out on the ProPlus™ 36 is very noticeable because it really limits the amount of space you have. The WorkFit-T has more usable task space on the monitor platform than the ProPlus™ 36.

Varidesk Limited Desk Space
Varidesk ProPlus™ 36 task area

Having a larger monitor platform on the WorkFit-T came at the cost of the keyboard tray. The keyboard tray is only as large as the cut-out in the monitor platform, which is 24.75”W x 9.25”D. On the flip side, the ProPlus™ 36 has a 36” wide keyboard tray with a depth of 14.25”. This gives you an extra 11” in width and 5” in depth over the keyboard tray on the WorkFit-T. The WorkFit-T will limit you to smaller keyboards while the ProPlus™ 36 will allow for oversized keyboards and mice.

Ergotron Workfit T Task Area
Workfit-T task area

Neither the WorkFit-T or ProPlus™ 36 come with built-in wire management tools.


Both products will have the typical risks associated with the pinch points present on any z shaped base design. Both products do a good job of covering as many areas as possible and they also place easy-to-see warnings to avoid the pinch point areas while adjusting.

One thing that is present on the ProPlus™ 36, that we don’t see on the WorkFit-T, is the potential for the product to tip forward. I did not have a problem with tipping while working, but I can certainly see that there is the potential for the ProPlus™ 36 to tip forward which can be a safety risk to you or the objects on your desk.

The VARIDESK ProPlus™ 36 has a couple advantages over the WorkFit-T. The ProPlus™ 36 also has a broader color selection and a much larger keyboard tray. But, that’s where the advantages end for the ProPlus™ 36. The WorkFit-T has a better build quality, a larger adjustment range and is the far more stable product. It also has a larger task space. The ProPlus™ 36 may be the better option for a select group of people but I think the WorkFit-T will be the better option for the large majority.

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