‘Smallest’ air flow sensor is 3.5 x 3.5mm

“FLS122 has been specifically developed to enable board-mounted air velocity measurements for thermal management and filter monitoring in some of the most space-constrained and challenging environments,” said Flusso.

Packaging is a 6pad DFN, with a specially-designed tunnel-lid optimised, said the company, for accurate measurement with little or no pressure drop in the flow path.

Bi-directional flow sensing is supported at up to 20m/s for real-time measurement.

Flusso FLS122 air flow sensor cutaway

FLS122 sensor membrane with three of its five heater and sensing wires and gold bond wires connected to the package lead frame

Inside is a CMOS MEMS die with a heated membrane that is exposed to flow.

Support materials will include an evaluation kit, hardware design guides, sensor firmware and a software development kit.

Applications are foreseen in data centres, gaming PCs, air-conditioning, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

Flusso is a spin-out from was spun-out of the University of Cambridge electrical engineering department. The sensor was launched at Sensor + Test in Germany last week. The data sheet is not yet available.


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