Press start! The Days of Play are around the corner!

$ummer is very near, and you know during the hot season the lightweight things are the most appreciated ones. Even Sony knows this fact, and to welcome it dozens of unmissable digital titles for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be insanely discounted thanks to the spectacular Days of Play campaign!

So get your instant digital codes at hand, and prepare to download some masterpieces like the ones here below, and many many others to have the greatest gaming time of the whole summer!

Elden Ring

FromSoftware is back more challenging than ever with Elden Ring!
Equipped with an incredible level of frustration that forced players to overcome their limits, this new game born from the creativity of George R. R. Martin carries us to experience a very unforgettable voyage in the fantastic world of Lands Between. As tradition wants, the difficulty is the center point of this adventure, and we can say without a doubt, that they are not mere video games, but they are existentialist adventures in which Hidetaka Miyazaki took the concepts of Nietzsche, and Camus and eventually mixed them with fantasy settings to release something very new.
Enriched with an epic story, cool characters, and last but not least astonishing visuals; we’re all ready to press start and go into a savage place of pure imagination!

Ghost of Tsushima

Wield your faithful katana, and get ready to return to the Kamakura Era’s Japan with Ghost of Tsushima!
Prevent the conquer of the Land of the Rising Sun from the Mongol army led by Khotun Khan, the grandson of the legendary Genghis Khan… face armies of skilled warriors joining your forces with the legendary samurai Jin Sakai; fight your way to bring peace to the country helping the shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo to keep safe all the country; mastering deadly martial arts techniques, you’ll begin a legendary journey throughout Japan with this great title that melts in a very cool way history with the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden.
If you’re looking for a very hardcore challenge don’t look further; play it today to battle in the magnificent Japan of the 13th Century!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The multiverses are not a comics’ exclusive…  stop the Dimensional Cataclysm with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart!
Hey, we’re in danger, Doctor Nefarious has just stolen the Dimensionator, a powerful weapon that can open gates towards other universes, now he’s ruling on a planet and everyone calls him Emperor Nefarious… Ratchet… Clank… please stop him before it’s too late!
This is just the beginning of Nefarious’s latest diabolical plot; meeting new heroic allies, and battling against ultra-dangerous foes, along the way, they will discover their ultimate destinies. Proudly filled with humor, outrageously upgraded weapons, extreme planet-hopping, and brand new worlds to explore; we must heed the call to save millions of planets!

Horizon Forbidden West

When you think “I need even more titanic machines to fight”; Guerilla Games comes along and drops Horizon Forbidden West!
Set in an unexplored savage remote land ruled by two warring tribes; Aloy is ready to experience something very unexpected to save herself and accomplish her destiny. Using all the abilities natural to humans like stealth, cunning, agility, and resourcefulness to survive the hordes of these mechanical saurian-like creatures; in the latest chapter of Horizon, we must exploit the weakness of the machines, helping humans in their neverending conflict against the machines!
Face new dangers, unveil well-kept secrets, and survive… this title is a must-have for all the gamers worthy of this name!

What are you waiting for? You can’t simply miss the opportunity to fill your Hard Disk with some great titles!
$ave a lot of money-grabbing one (or more) PSN Instant Digital Cards. $ummer is hot; make it hotter with the Days of Play (but only until June 8)!!!


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