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What are the topics covered this week? There’s the size of the advanced packaging market, ST’s ambition to be a $20bn revenue company, an Advantech competition to win a drone, Infineon’s 2kV silicon carbide mosfets and news of Renesas building a 300mm line for electric vehicle power semiconductors…

5. Advanced packaging market to be worth €57bn in 2026
The advanced packaging market’s revenue is expected to reach $57.2 billion in 2027, says Yole Developpement. ASE was No.1, followed by Amkor, with Intel third, JCET fourth and TSMC fifth. The market’s total 2022 revenue was $32.1 billion. 5G, automotive infotainment/ADAS , AI, data centre, and wearable applications continue to drive the market. “The major OSATs saw 15 to 26% YoY increase in Q4 revenue, with sequential quarter growth between 1 and 15%.,” says Yole’s Stefan Chitoraga.

4. ST to be $20bn revenue company by 2025-7
ST has revealed its ambition to be a $20 billion revenue company by 2025-27. Last year the company had revenues of €12.8 billion and this year, says CEO Jean-Marc Chery, the company is on track for revenues of €15 billion with a gross margin of 46% and an operating margin of 24-26%. In 2025-7, the plan is to have a gross margin of 50% and an operating margin of 30%.

3. Competition: Advantech offers chance to win £250 HS700 Drone
The prize of a Holy Stone HS700 drone is courtesy of Advantech, the global leader and manufacturer of IoT Solutions, which is also giving a free copy of its Edge-AIoT whitepaper to every one who enters the competition. Simply enter your details below to enter the draw for the prize drone, supplied by Advantech.

2. PCIM: 2kV SiC mosfets from Infineon
Infineon has announced 2kV silicon carbide mosfets and diodes for use in high-power inverters with 1.5kV dc links. “Increasing demand for high power density is pushing developers to adopt 1,500V dc links in their applications,” according to the company. “However, 1,500V dc based systems pose more challenges on system design, which typically requires a multi-level topology, leading to a complicated design.” As well as a higher voltage margine that its 1.7kV SiC mosfets, the company is claiming ten times lower cosmic-ray-induced FIT rate tested anywhere between 1.3 and 1.7kV, and the mosfet body diode is rugged enough for hard switching, it added.

Renesas Kofu Factory1. Renesas builds 300mm line for electric vehicle power semiconductors
Renesas is putting Y90bn into a 300mm power semiconductor fab in Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, citing the rise of electric vehicles as motivation. This is the Kofu Factory, closed in October 2014 when it ran 150mm and 200mm wafer lines in its 18,000m2 cleanroom, now to re-open in 2024 “to enhance production capacity for power semiconductors such as IGBTs”, according to the company, adding that power mosfets are another potential product. Once Kofu reaches mass production, Renesas will have doubled its power semiconductor production capacity, it said.

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