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Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen (Edifying Monthly Discussions); these three German words are the title of the first magazine ever appeared in the world. Released from 1663 to 1668, the publication contained philosophical & theological articles that aim to enlighten the intellectual society of that time. Thanks to this innovative formula, soon after many other similar proto-magazines appeared throughout the whole of Europe: Le Mercure Galant in France, Ladie’s Mercury & The Tatler in England, and many other periodicals.
Anyway, the very first publication that used the term magazine has been the 1731 Gentleman’s Magazine.
Created by the British publisher Edward Cave; it covered a hugely large array of subjects that ranged from frivolous fashion to dissertations on Latin poetry. Flourishing in a lot of countries; during its 191 years (the publication ended in 1922) many authors covered all human knowledge.

But despite their appearance; the golden age of magazines is the 20th century when the American William Randolph Hearst built an actual empire starting with Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, and Harper’s Bazaar. Nowadays, we can have a hugely vast choice of magazines that cover all the subjects that could interest people in one way or another; and, if you haven’t visited our Magazines section yet, we suggest you do it now.
In there you will find the best publications about video games, anime, and Japanese pop culture!!!!

A truly great magazine is filled with beautiful surprises!

From Weekly Famitsu, which covers the most awaited videogames of the week, to the legendary ANIme MAGazine Newtype, passing through V-Jump, Nintendo Dream, Dengeki G’s Magazine, VTuber Style, and many other wonderful & colorful ones; we can offer you a huge selection of periodicals that will make you updated on your favorite interests.
In addition, if you want to know more, don’t miss the chance to check all the books we have in store for you; the mighty artworks of Yuji Murakami dedicated to Godzilla, the epic overture from Elden Ring, or if you are a retro gamer addicted the Perfect Catalogs are the publications for you.   

Enter the crowded world of publishing; keep yourself always updated, in every page we may find people’s opinions on a vast number of subjects. Get ‘em and you will surely love them!


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