Enscape for Mac Open Beta Now Available for Sketchup 2021 and 2022

Enscape announced its popular real-time rendering software used by architects and designers worldwide to turn their models into immersive 3D experiences is now available for the Mac platform.

Enscape is an architectural visualization solution that instantly transforms your design into a 3D model for you and your clients to explore.

Enscape for Mac is now available. Plug Enscape directly into your SketchUp software and discover the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualization workflow.

Enscape for Mac – Open Beta, is now available for SketchUp 2021 and 2022. Plug Enscape directly into your SketchUp software and discover the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualization workflow.

As a direct plug-in to the modeling software, architects and designers can enjoy an integrated real-time visualization and design workflow, quickly turn models into 3D experiences, iterate more effectively, and easily communicate their vision with teams, partners, and clients, leaving more time to focus on designing great spaces.

“The release of Enscape for Mac now brings a truly integrated real-time visualization workflow to the Mac platform. Many customers have helped develop this product through our open beta program, and they are excited to now have the choice of two great platforms: Windows and Mac.”

Let’s take a look at what you can expect with the Enscape for Mac – Open Beta, the system requirements, how to get started, and what’s coming next.

Available Features and Functionality

Included with the beta version of Enscape for Mac for Sketchup:

  • Real-time visualization – visualize models in real-time in the Enscape rendering window.
  • Real-time walkthrough – navigate rendered projects with the walk, fly, and perspective modes.
  • Export options – export and share design ideas with still renders, 360-degree panoramas, and web standalone options.
  • Visual Settings – use a range of atmosphere, image, capture, and rendering settings to create the perfect look.
  • Material Editor – use height maps and adjust textures to increase the level of realism.
  • Synchronized views – have the Enscape rendering window show the same view as the project.
  • Enscape Asset Library – choose from more than 3,000 high-quality, low-poly 3D models to add to a project.
  • Manage views – create saved views to easily refer back to a project and seamlessly present it from the best angles.
  • Batch rendering – render views in batches to save time in rendering them individually.
  • Panorama Tour – create a navigation mode within the Panorama Gallery to easily share designs.
  • Language support – Enscape for Mac is available in English, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, French, Polish, and Dutch.

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