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Update: The TFT Central U3011 review is also online now if you would like to take a look – it features a greater level of depth than any other U3011 review on the internet.

CNET Australia has got their hands (and most probably arms and chest, too) on the huge new Dell-branded beast; the U3011. In their review CNET likens the U3011 to the slightly smaller Dell U2711; in all honesty, they are similar monitors with a 3″ size difference and quite a considerable price difference (the U3011 has an RRP of nearly $1500 making it one and a half times as expensive as the U2711 – UK prices TBC). The U3011 offers exceptional color reproduction (although it requires some calibration to achieve desirable color accuracy) and good contrast. A potential issue for gamers is that, like on the U2711, input lag is relatively high. Unlike on the U2410; enabling the game mode made little difference to this figure. It will also be tempting to compare the U3011 to the HP ZR30W. The ZR30w offers the same LG S-IPS panel as the U3011 (so image quality is similar) but costs around $400 less at current US RRPs (UK RRPs and availability is very sketchy at present). Input lag of the ZR30w is considerably lower and more PC gamer-friendly, at 11ms (vs. 27ms of the U3011). Console gamers and input-freaks will appreciate the increased number of inputs (specifically HDMI) and 1:1 pixel mapping support of the Dell U3011 – but they are also more likely to opt for a 30 inch TV instead. The video from the CNET review of the U3011 can give you a better insight into this fantastic and huge computer monitor.

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