CamGraPhic raises £800k

This takes its total amount raised to £1.26 million, which has been raised through an equity funding round from existing and new investors led by Frontier IP and Wealth Club.

A previous funding round, in September 2021, raised £1.6 million, valuing the Company at £7.2 million. The money was raised through an Advanced Subscription Agreement, meaning that shares will be issued at a later date, either as part of a future funding round or converted.

CamGraPhIC is developing graphene-based photonics technology for scalable, faster and cheaper optical transceivers, devices at the centre of high-speed data and telecommunications networks.

They have the potential to become a core enabling technology for next generation 5G networks and beyond. The transceivers are also more energy efficient, meaning they are not only cheaper to buy, but also to run.

Other applications will include 6G mm wave which will allow data to be transferred at speeds up to 1 terabit per second, High Performance Computing and networks to handle the demands of artificial intelligence.

Progress to date has been highly encouraging. Current versions of the technology have indicated speeds of up to 100Gbps per lane and operation across multiple wavebands.

Their speed is about twice that achieved in laboratory conditions by equivalent technologies, while it is projected that they consume 70 per cent less energy.

Proceeds from the latest funding round will be used to complete fabrication and testing of the demonstration devices.

The technology has attracted interest from major multinationals in the semiconductor and telecommunications sectors. Customer testing is expected to begin next month, in September 2022.

Our graphene-based photonics technology has the potential to transform high-speed data and telecommunications. We look forward to evaluating the technology with customers and receiving the first results,” says CEO Paul Mantle.


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