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The Duke Mount is a product sold by us at We came out with the Duke Mount as an alternative to the Duke Vesa. It has a lower price and functions quite a bit differently than the Duke Vesa. This review will be designed to cover every aspect of the Duke Mount, including the potential drawbacks that some people may encounter while using the product. By the end of the review, you should have all of the information needed to decide whether the Duke Mount is the right product for you.

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Duke Mount Review Snapshot



  • Risk free trial
  • Strong warranty
  • Dual ergonomics
  • Infinite position lock
  • Very Versitile
  • Easy to use
  • Includes wire management


  • Poor standing stability
  • Close viewing distance
  • Lack of task space
  • Requires assembly


Duke Mount Manufacturer

The Duke Mount is’s brand but the product is made by K&A Manufacturing. K&A is the maker of RightAngle Products, R-Style Desks and NewHeights Tables. They have been manufacturing ergonomic furniture out of Central Wisconsin for decades. They also make our VertDesk products.


Country of Origin
Specs / Features / Pricing
Return Policy and Warranty
Build Quality
Making Adjustments
Task and Keyboard Space
Wire Management
What I Like
What I Don’t Like
Bottom Line

Made in Taiwan

VESA monitor mount
Single or Dual Monitors
Overall Weight Capacity: 24 lbs.
Unit Weight: 30 lbs.
Maximum Monitor Size: No Maximum on Single, 24” Maximum on Dual
Overall Dimensions at Lowest Height: 27.5”W x 37.5”D x 17.75”H
Overall Dimensions at Highest Height: 27.5”W x 31.5”D x 33.5”H
Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 27.5”W x 15.25”D
Keyboard Tray Lowest Height: .5”
Keyboard Tray Highest Height: 16.25”
Center of Monitor Mount at Lowest Height: 11.5”H
Center of Monitor Mount at Highest Height: 27”H
Monitor adjustment range: 5”
Crossbar for Dual Monitors: 28”W
Distance from Monitor to Front of Keyboard Tray: 14.5”

Product Features

Clamp or grommet mount included
Counter-balance adjustment system with no button or levers
Independent monitor height adjustment
Forward/backward monitor tilt
Monitors pan side to side
Monitors rotate 360 degrees
Keyboard tray tilt
Unit articulates in almost any direction
Built-in cable management

2022 Price – $553.84 (Buy on BTOD)

Available Add-ons

Options Additional Charge
Dual Monitors up to 24” $40.00

Color Options


The Duke Mount is returnable within the first 30 days for a full refund. The item must be returned in the original packaging and arrive in like new condition. The return shipping charges will be paid by


The Duke Mount has a five year comprehensive warranty.


The Duke Mount ships within one business day and arrives via FedEx ground a few days later. The item arrives in a rectangle shaped box that weighs about 50 lbs. The shape of the box made it easy to grab and I didn’t have a problem moving it to my office to have it set-up. Some people may want to have a second person to help them with moving the box. The parts were very well packaged. Each part had its own compartment within the foam and many of the parts were also protected with plastic. I did not find damage to any of the components.

The installation on the Duke Mount is going to be more involved than most converters but it didn’t take me nearly as long as the Ergotron WorkFit-A. The total time, including unboxing, took me 40 minutes. There were a lot of parts and screws that needed to be assembled. The hardware was separated into different bags but unfortunately, they were not labeled. It did take a bit of time to find the correct screw for the part I was on. The directions were simple to follow and I was able to do each step without the help of a second person.

I did not have any pain points but it is important to know that you need a 4” socket wrench to complete the tension adjustments. The correct socket size is included, along with a handful of different sized allen wrenches. But, you will need to provide the socket wrench. Luckily, I had one because I had just purchased one to assemble the WorkFit-A.

The Duke Mount is a standing desk converter that is designed like a monitor arm. The unit simply places a platform under the monitor to serve as a keyboard tray. The materials used are nice quality. The metal feels strong and has a nice paint finish. There is very little plastic on the unit but it blends in very well and also does a nice job of hiding the inner workings. The Duke Mount looks sleek and functions smoothly, without any awkward noises. The quality is not going to be the same as items like the WorkFit-A or QuickStand Lite but it will be favorable when compared to most standing desk converters that are coming out of China.

Duke Mount Build Quality
Duke Mount Build Quality

The only part of the Duke Mount that makes contact with your desk at all times is the mount at the back of the desk. The footprint on the clamp is 11.5”W x 7.5”D. Otherwise, the footprint will change depending on how you have the unit adjusted. This allows for a number of different standing positions and therefore many different footprints.

When sitting, you can either have the keyboard tray on top of your desk or positioned straight forward, which will cause the tray to hang off the front of your desk. Having it in the straight forward position will probably be the most common seated position.  When in this position, you will need an additional 12” of space behind you because the tray will push you off your desk. When positioning the tray to be on top of the desk, you can reduce the depth of the footprint to under 24” but you will need about an additional 14” of space on the side that you shift the unit toward.

Duke Mount Shown Pushed To Side
Duke Mount Shown Pushed To Side


The Duke Mount is mounted directly to your desk. It is an awkward shape to carry and is pretty heavy when loaded with monitors. Moving the entire unit is not going to be very easy. I would recommend taking off the monitors or requesting help from another person to move the Duke Mount to a new location.

The mobility on top of your desk is something that I have only seen matched by the WorkFit-A. The huge amount of adjustability allows you to move the unit within a huge range. You can swivel the entire unit to either side of the desk. You can also swivel the entire product around and have it off your desk completely.

The Duke Mount is among the most adjustable standing desk converters available. From the top of the main mounting pole, the unit has height adjustment and can also rotate a full 360°. These are both tension adjustable. Once the correct amount of tension is found, you can easily adjust the product. Simply grab the unit and move it where you’d like. It will hold firmly in its new position.

The unit can also swivel from the end of the second arm. This allows you to change the direction that the monitors and keyboard face so that you can have a variety of different working angles. This adjustment is also tension adjustable giving you the ability to choose how easy it is to swivel.

The keyboard platform has tilt adjustment but it is not suited for providing different keyboard typing angles. It is used to tilt the keyboard tray up and out of the way to allow for better storing of the unit while you aren’t using it. The tension is not adjustable on this function but there is enough built-in tension to make the tray hold its position at any angle, as long as there are no items on it.

Duke Mount Keyboard Tray Stowed
Duke Mount Keyboard Tray Stowed

The remaining adjustability pertains to the monitors. The monitors have height adjustment with adjustable tension. Similar to the previous adjustment, you do not need any buttons or levers. Simply grab the monitors and move them up or down. The monitors can also pan side to side, tilt front to back and rotate 360°. All three of these adjustments can be performed by simply moving the monitor and it will hold its new position. The final adjustment is for dual monitors only. The monitors can slide horizontally on the crossbar. You will need to release a thumb screw on the back of the mounting bracket to allow the monitor to slide and then re-tighten the thumbscrew once in the correct position.

The Duke Mount is going to be a product that struggles in the stability category. The design of the product will naturally produce a lot of movement. The unit is mounted to the back of your desk and the arm extends a long way from its main point of stability. The monitors and keyboard tray put a lot of weight on the end of the arm. This produces a lot of bounce when typing in the standing position. Instead of the keyboard tray moving on its own, the entire unit will move up and down. The monitors are attached solidly to the arm and they don’t have any shaking or movement on their own but they do move in unison with the keyboard when it bounces.

When the keyboard tray is in the lowest position, it will be supported by the desk. This means there is very little keyboard bounce or monitor shake when seated. There is still a small amount of movement but not something that would affect your work.

Showing Keyboard Tray in Lowest Position
Showing Keyboard Tray in Lowest Position

The numerous points of adjustment, with varying degrees of tension, makes the stability on the unit very inconsistent. Some people may have less side to side movement than others depending on how the tension is set. For this reason, the Duke Mount received a pretty large deduction in the general stability category.

Sitting Wobble (10%) Standing Wobble (15%) Sitting Bounce (10%) Standing Bounce (15%) Sitting Shake (10%) Standing Shake (15%) General (25%) Total Score
76/100 72/100 88/100 41/100 84/100 41/100 70/100 65/100

The Duke Mount has some nice ergonomic features. The monitor has 5” of individual height adjustment range, making the unit dual ergonomic. This allows for different amounts of spacing between the monitor and keyboard tray which gives you the ability to have the correct viewing angle and typing height. The overall height adjustment provides a wide range for the keyboard tray. When in the lowest position, the keyboard tray is about ½” off your desk and then goes as high as 16” off your desk.

Standing at Duke Mount
Standing at Duke Mount

One of the potential drawbacks to the ergonomics on the Duke Mount is the monitor viewing distance. The distance from the monitors to the front of my keyboard was about 14”. The recommended ergonomic viewing distance is 20”-40” so this may be a tough box to check. I think the viewing experience is better suited for smaller monitors or a single monitor setup.

Sitting at the Duke Mount
Sitting at the Duke Mount

The Duke Mount does not provide any task space when standing. There is a small tray behind the keyboard platform that can used to hold small objects, like a smartphone, but there won’t be any other space when it is raised above the desk. When sitting, you will be able to use the desk space around you that is within reach, depending on how you like to have the unit set-up. Resting the platform on top of the desk will put more task space within your reach.

Task Space on Duke Mount
Task Space on Duke Mount

While the Duke Mount itself doesn’t provide any task space, its huge range of adjustability allows you to move the unit out of the way and access your entire desk at any time. This can be very useful when you are switching between typing and tasking frequently.

Keyboard Space

The keyboard space on the Duke Mount is very generous. It is 27.5”W x 15”D. This lets you use a larger keyboard if you’d like and doesn’t restrict you to a compact keyboard like other models do. The tray comes with a comfortable palm support to help support your wrists. If you would prefer not to use the palm support, then you just need to remove three screws on the underside of the tray to take it off. The tray is made of a thin phenolic to provide a low profile to your desk when in the seated position.

Keyboard Area on the Duke Mount
Keyboard Area on the Duke Mount

One thing to be aware of is the nuts on the underside of the keyboard platform. It is important that people using this product on real wood surfaces do not slide the unit when in the sitting position or it may scratch the surface.

The Duke Mount has a built-in wire management system. There is a clear path laid out in the instructions, which makes it easy to understand the best way to run your cords. The path leads the cords along the underside of the second arm, out the back side of the first arm and then off the back of your desk. The cords are hidden inside a plastic encasing. I would recommend running your cords when you have the unit at standing height to make sure you have enough slack to make the full range of motion without pulling cords from the wall or your computer.

Duke Mount Wire Management
Duke Mount Wire Management


The only potential safety concern I see on the Duke Mount is a pinch point behind the monitors, where the unit swivels side to side. Your fingers will only be in this area during installation or making tension adjustments. Just be aware of the pinch point and your hand placement and you’ll have no problem.

Risk Free Trial

You can try the Duke Mount for 30 days and get a full refund if you wish to return it. Most companies will offer a 30-day money back guarantee but they will still charge return shipping. will pay return shipping charges, providing a true risk-free trial.

Strong Warranty

The Duke Mount comes standard with a five year warranty and no exclusions. The warranty is backed by K&A Manufacturing, who has been in business for over 30 years. It is nice knowing that you will have a fully functioning standing desk converter for at least five years.

Dual Ergonomics

The Duke Mount allows you to adjust the height of the monitor separately from the keyboard platform, which is great for an ergonomic typing and viewing position.

Infinite Position Lock

Another nice feature to help with ergonomics is infinite position lock. This allows you to lock the unit at any height you want, instead of a set number of predetermined heights. This applies to both the keyboard tray and monitor arm so you are never forced to lock the unit at a position that is higher or lower than you’d prefer.

Very Versatile

The Duke Mount’s large adjustment range makes the unit very versatile. Being able to move the unit to so many different positions on your desk makes it a good choice for applications ranging from point-of-sale, to banking to regular day to day office applications.

Easy to Use

After getting the Duke Mount set-up with the proper tension, it is very easy to adjust. There are no buttons, handles or locking systems. You just need to grab the item you want to move and move it to the new position. This is among the quickest and easiest standing desk converters to adjust.

Wire Management

The Duke Mount has a built-in wire management system. This is something commonly seen on higher priced items like the Humanscale QuickStand but it is not very common for an item in the price range of the Duke Mount. It is very useful to have a set path with built in tools to take care of wire management.

Poor Stability When Standing

One major downside to the Duke Mount is the stability when standing. The unit has considerable keyboard bounce and monitor movement that will be noticeable for most people.

Close Viewing Distance

I find the viewing distance to be too small for my liking. The screens were less than an arm’s length away which made it difficult to use my dual monitor set-up without having to turn my head frequently.

Lack of Task Space

Not having any task space on the unit itself will be a problem for people that consistently need to use objects within their reach. I am frequently using things like pricers, catalogues, notepads, etc. Not having any task space would mean that I would have to go back forth between the converter and my desk pretty frequently.

Requires Assembly

The Duke Mount has an easier assembly process than similar products like the WorkFit-A or QuickStand Lite but it will still take around a half hour or more to put the unit together. In a world of standing desk converters that arrive fully assembled, any assembly required can be looked at as a downside.

The Duke Mount is a nice product but it does have its downsides. It lacks stability at standing height, has a close monitor viewing distance and doesn’t provide any task space. Even with these downsides, it does have some attractive features. The Duke Mount comes with a built-in wire management system and a huge ergonomic adjustment range. These adjustments are very easy to perform. The Duke Mount comes with a strong warranty and a risk-free trial, making it a good option if you are on the fence. At the end of the day, the Duke Mount provides a good value at its price point and will be useful for many people.

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