BetterPosture® Jazzy Kneeling Chair by Jobri®

In this review, we will be taking a look at a kneeling chair that closely resembles a normal office chair. From the 5-star base to the pneumatic seat height adjustment to the backrest, the Jazzy has a lot of similar features to normal office chairs.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing for a kneeling chair? This review will answer that question and more. I will cover all aspects of the Jazzy kneeling chair. From the build quality to the adjustability to the features that I think could be deal breakers. By the end, I hope to have armed you will all the information to decide if the Jazzy is the right knee chair for you.

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Jobri® Jazzy Review Snapshot



  • Strong warranty
  • Great sitting mobility
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest


  • Knee/shin pads may not be comfortable
  • Limited range of motion



The BetterPosture® Jazzy is a product by Jobri L.L.C. Jobri was founded in 1997 and has been acquiring companies and brands ever since. Jobri is located in Konowa, OK and operates out of more than 80,000 square feet of facilities.

Their product portfolio consists of chairs, back supports, neck pads, massagers and many more products to improve comfort. Their product line is sold worldwide, and they continue to expand their product offering and add brands to their portfolio.


Specs / Features / Pricing
Return Policy and Warranty
Shipping and Assembly
Build Quality
Mobility While Seated
Making Adjustments
Seat, Knee and Shin Comfort
What I Like
What I Don’t Like
Bottom Line

Jabri Jazzy Review Top Image

Country of Origin


Overall Dimensions: 29″D x 29″W x 34.5-41″H
Seat Size: 16.5”W x 13.5”D
Height from Back of Seat: 24.5-27″H
Height from Front of Seat: 20-22.5″H
Knee Pad Size: 16.5”W x 9”D
Height from Back of Knee Pad: 11.5-15″H
Height from Front of Knee Pad: 16-19.5″H
Backrest Size: 15.5”W x 10.25”H
Backrest Height at Lowest: 34.5”
Backrest Height at Highest: 41”
Base Dimensions: 29” x 29”
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Chair Weight: 28 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 33 lbs.
Shipping Box Dimensions: 26″ x 27″ x 11″


5-star base with casters
Gas height adjustment
Seat and knee padding include layer of memory foam
Height and depth adjustable backrest
360° seat swivel

2022 Price – $299.00 (Buy on Amazon)

The Jazzy is sold through a variety of dealers, including sites like Amazon, Walmart and Wayfair. There is a lot of price fluctuation with the Jazzy, so it is tough to provide a consistent price for this item.

The base and cylinder are silver on all models. The knee support frame and backrest j bar are black. You have the choice of six different colors for the seat and back fabric. The available colors are: beige, black, blue, grey, red, and green.

The return policy for the Jazzy will be dependent on the seller you make your purchase from. Return policies change from seller to seller. Some offer free returns. Some charge shipping or restocking fees.

Others may not accept returns at all. If you are not certain about keeping your Jazzy chair, then you may want to contact a few sellers to find out what their return policy is before you make your purchase.


The Jazzy comes with five years of coverage on the frame and components. The foam and fabric are covered for two years.

We ordered our Jazzy through Amazon. It shipped via UPS ground the day after I placed the order. It got to our office two business days later. It arrived in a medium sized box that weighed just over 30 pounds. It is easiest to have someone with you to move the box into your office, but you may be able to carry or slide the box if needed.


The Jazzy has quite a bit of assembly. You need to assembly almost every part of the chair. You do not need any tools because BetterPosture® includes the allen wrench needed. There are 10 screws and about as many parts. The process is simple, and the instructions are easy to follow. I think that it will take most people 20-30 minutes to assemble to Jazzy kneeling chair.

The Jazzy is a kneeling chair with a polished aluminum gas lift and 5-star base. It features a black steel frame with BifomPad foam. This is a foam that uses a combination of polyurethane foam and memory foam that is layered.

The fabric used is a polyester stretch fabric that is rated at 70,000 double rubs. One double rub represents a person sitting down and getting up from the chair. 70,000 double rubs is commercial quality and should last for quite a while.

The backrest is a lower end component. The plastic cover used is something you will see on cheap chairs from big box stores. The backrest is small, but it does function the way it should.

Jobri Jazzy 5-star Base
Jobri Jazzy 5-star Base
Jobri Jazzy Fabric Close-up
Fabric Close-up
Plastic Sleeve on J-bar
Plastic Sleeve on J-bar

The Jazzy is an interesting chair in terms of build quality. If I were to compare this to other office chairs, I would say that it is on the lower end of the spectrum. But, when compared to the kneeling chair category, I would say that it is middle to high end.

The Jazzy has the best sitting mobility out of all the kneeling chairs I have tested. I was able to easily get to any section of my desk, which is not something I could do with sled-based models and even some x-based models.

The five-star base with good quality casters on the Jazzy are a step above competing models. The casters are good for carpet or smooth surfaces. They roll nicely in all directions. This was also great for making micro adjustments at my keyboard. Being able to move very small amounts in any direction ensured that I was in a comfortable typing position right away.

Jabri Jazzy Close-up of Caster
Jabri Jazzy Close-up of Caster

While the Jazzy is great option for sitting mobility, it is not the best kneeling chair for portability. It weighs almost 30 pounds and is quite large for a kneeling chair. The base is the same size as standard office chairs and the Jazzy does not have any handles for carrying.

The only practical way to move the chair is to roll it. It is easy to roll the chair, but it becomes a problem when you encounter any obstacles or narrow areas.

Range of Motion

The only motion you will have on the Jazzy is the seat swivel. This allows you to turn to different sections of your desk but that will be the only movement allowed. The Jazzy is a kneeling chair with a solid steel frame. It does not bend or flex at all.

Once you sit down in the Jazzy, you are locked into the same posture for the duration of your sit. Unfortunately, this was one the biggest limiting factors for me when using the Jazzy.

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After months of testing 10 kneel chairs, the results are in!

The Jazzy has more adjustments than most kneeling chairs I have tested. Most kneeling chairs have seat height/angle adjustment, and some do not have any adjustments. The Jazzy has 360° seat swivel and pneumatic seat height adjustment. The backrest is also depth and height adjustable.

To adjust the seat height you can press and hold the lever underneath the right side of the seat. Doing so will allow you to move the seat up or down. Releasing the lever will lock the seat height back in place.

Seat Height Adjustment Lever
Seat Height Adjustment Lever

The backrest is very basic in design and function. It attaches to the seat with a J bar. The underside of the J bar has a hand screw, which allows you to adjust the depth of the backrest. Loosen the hand screw to allow the backrest to slide in and out. Tighten the hand screw to secure the backrest in place.

There is a similar knob on the back side of the backrest. This controls the height of the backrest. Loosening the screw will allow you to move the backrest up or down. Tightening the screw will lock it back in place.

Backrest Depth Adjustment
Backrest Depth Adjustment
Backrest Height Adjustment
Backrest Height Adjustment

The seat on the Jazzy is smaller than the seats you will find on standard ergonomic chairs. It is not quite as wide or deep as those chairs. With that being said, it is one of the only kneeling chairs with a seat design that is close to a normal office chair. It has a slight forward slant to help with the open hip posture.

The seat has 2” of polyurethane foam with a 1” layer of memory foam on top. The foam is then covered in a polyester stretch fabric in your choice of color. The seat has a lot of padding and feels soft to the touch. It does not hold its shape for more than an hour or so. After about an hour, I could tell that the seat was sinking quite a bit.

I was able to use the chair for about 90 minutes before I felt the seat was uncomfortable.

Top View of Seat Pad
Top View of Seat Pad
Side View of Seat to Show Angle
Side View of Seat to Show Angle

Knee/Shin Comfort

The knee pads have the same foam and fabric set-up as the seat. 2” of polyurethane foam followed by 1” of memory foam and all wrapped in polyester stretch fabric. I think this foam set-up is better suited for the seat than the knee pads. I found that the knee pads bottomed out much quicker than the seat. Because the foam is so thick, my legs would sink in and they would get warm.

Top View of Knee Pads
Top View of Knee Pads
Front View of Knee Pad Showing Sloping Outsides
Front View of Knee Pad Showing Sloping Outsides
Shins on Knee Padding
Shins on Knee Padding

Another thing that I found to be an annoyance is that the knee pad frame is slanted downward as you get to the outsides. It is very slight, but enough that it made my legs feel like they were constantly sliding off the edges of the pads.

The company behind the Jazzy has a huge focus on creating comfortable postures and reducing back pain. The Jazzy is right in line with that mentality. It is designed to open you leg and hip angle to reduce the pressure on your lower back, spine and tailbone. Your weight is shared between your shins and butt, which also helps to reduce pressure on one specific area.

Correct Posture While Seated in Jobri Jazzy
Correct Posture While Seated in Jobri Jazzy

The backrest has 2” of polyurethane foam and polyester stretch fabric. It feels good to the touch. The backrest is not as padded as the seat or knee pads, but I do not think it is needed.

You just need the backrest to help you keep a good posture and I think it is great for that. A kneeling chair will naturally put you in an upright posture but eventually you will start to slouch. The backrest helps to avoid this problem.

Backrest on Back
Backrest on Back

Strong warranty

I am always happy to see when a product comes with a strong warranty. Knowing you will have a working chair for a guaranteed period of time is really nice feeling to have.

Great sitting mobility

Being able to easily move anywhere you want is a huge advantage the Jazzy has over kneeling chairs like the Variable Balans. If you want a kneeling hair with high mobility, the Jazzy should certainly be considered.

Pneumatic seat height adjustment

Having seat height adjustment with the push of a lever is really handy. Some models have seat height adjustment with a hand screw and others don’t have any seat height adjustment.

The good thing about the height adjustment on the Jazzy is that the seat angle does not change, like it does on x base models. It also has a wider range than most models. This allows it to easily adapt to your desk height, without changing the sitting angle.

Adjustable backrest

The Jazzy has a backrest, which is not a common feature on knee chairs. An added bonus is that the backrest on the Jazzy is adjustable. Being able to change the depth and height ensures that you can have the backrest is the exact spot you want it.

I really liked the backrest on the Jazzy. It really helped me to maintain a good posture.

Knee/shin pads may not be comfortable

The thick padding and downward sloping pads are big concerns for me. I found the knee pads to be uncomfortable after a short amount of time because the padding bottoms out quickly and it also made my legs warm.

The downward sloping knee pads made it feel like my legs were falling. This is a sentiment that was echoed by more than just me when this chair was tested. I spent a lot of effort trying to make sure my legs were not moving off the pads.

Limited range of motion

I think the biggest downside with the Jazzy is the little amount of movement it allows. This is another kneeling chair that has a rigid metal frame. Not being able to move your legs at all is really restricting. Normal office chairs do not promote movement, but they do not prevent it.

You can try keeping your legs still in your chair and see how long you last before you want to move to a new position, even if it is a slight change or even just a fidget. I would bet you don’t last too long. Wanting to move is natural but it is hard to do with the Jazzy.

I found the Jazzy to be a very interesting chair during my testing. There are some things that I love about it. Having the same mobility as high-end office chairs was really nice. I also liked the adjustability it has compared to other kneeling chairs. Having a large seat height range ensured that my feet had plenty of room and that I was at the correct height for my desk. The adjustable backrest was also great for my posture. It definitely made a difference with my comfort on the Jazzy.

While I did love some things about the Jazzy, there were also a couple things that I was not a fan of. The knee pads were a constant focus of my attention. Having to think about keeping my legs from sliding off the edges was a real nuisance. The lack of a range of motion is the other aspect that I disliked with the Jazzy. The original idea behind the kneeling chair was to open your hips and promote movement. While the Jazzy does a good job at putting you in the correct kneeling position, the inability to move really takes away from the potential comfort of the chair.

I think that the Jazzy is one of the most polarizing kneeling chairs I have tested. It is one of the few chairs that does things that only a few other kneeling chairs can. But, it is also a chair with some major weaknesses. If you are focused on things like mobility and adjustability, then the Jazzy may be a good fit. If you need something that allows you to move and stay active while you work, then you will probably want to look for alternative products.


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