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The growing trend to stand at your desk has allowed for a huge influx of new standing desk products. Many of these products aim to service customers that aren’t looking to spend a lot of money to be able to stand while working. There are now a lot of different choices for under $200. The AirRise Pro by is a very popular option for many customers. This review will go over our experience with the AirRise Pro. We will share the good and the bad, which will hopefully help you decide if this is a good fit for your needs.

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AirRise Pro Review Snapshot



  • Affordable price point
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No Assembly
  • Infinite position lock
  • Good stability


  • Adjustment requires considerable effort
  • Not good option for people over 5’8″
  • Not dual ergonomic
  • Small keyboard stpace
  • Raises minimum keyboard height


AirRise Pro Manufacturer

The AirRise Pro is produced in Taiwan and sold by, also known as Luxor. They are owned by parent company EBSCO Industries. Many of the same products sold on are available through Luxor under different brand names. Luxor has been a leader in school furniture for many years.


Specs / Features / Pricing
Return Policy and Warranty
Making Adjustments
Task and Keyboard Space
Wire Management
What I Like
What I Don’t Like
Bottom Line

Overall Dimensions at Lowest Height: 32”W x 23.5”D x 5.75”H
Overall Dimensions at Highest Height: 32”W x 23.5”D x 15.75”H
Base Dimensions: 32”W x 23.5”D
Keyboard Shelf Dimensions: 27.5”W x 9.75”D
Monitor Shelf Dimensions: 32”W x 13.25”D
Distance between Monitor Platform and Keyboard Tray: 4.25”
Unit Weight: 46 lbs.
Lifting Capacity: 35 lbs.

2022 Price – $199.00 (Buy on Amazon)

Product Features

Sits on top of existing desk
Two-tier design: Upper display surface with lower keyboard/mouse platform
Single handle gas lift adjustment
Three color choices: black, white, or teak
30-day money back guarantee. Return shipping is paid by customer.


The AirRise Pro comes with a limited lifetime warranty. There are no exclusions. As long as this item is still being sold, it will be covered under a lifetime warranty.

The AirRise Pro shipped the next business day after ordering. It arrived via UPS Ground two days after shipping. I ordered the unit on a Friday morning and had it delivered by Wednesday morning of the following week. I was very impressed with how fast the product arrived. The product has excellent packaging. I did not find any dents, scratches, blemishes or defects in the product.

There is no assembly required with the AirRise Pro. Simply take the product out of the box and place it on your desk. It comes with two wire management clips that can be attached to the underside of the work surface with adhesive pads; this helps to organize the wires from your keyboard and mouse if you are not using wireless products.

The AirRise Pro uses a very simplistic design that has been most notably used on ironing boards. The base is shaped like an X. As the unit is lowered, the base of the unit widens. As the unit is raised, the base of the unit narrows. The movement is controlled by pressing a handle found on the right underside of the work surface. Pressing the handle will release the unit from a locked position which will allow you to move the AirRise Pro up or down. Releasing the handle locks the unit in place.

Air Rise Pro Adjustment Handle

The AirRise Pro is very solid when in the sitting position. In fact, it is one of the most stable standing desk converters I have tested thus far at sitting height. There is no side to side movement. There is also no front to back movement. The unit does a very good job of lowering almost all the way down to your desk. There is no keyboard bounce or monitor shake at sitting height because of this.

The AirRise is also sturdy at standing heights. It has almost no side to side movement and only a little front to back motion. It has a bit of keyboard bounce at higher heights but it wasn’t something that impacted my work too badly.

Sitting Wobble (10%) Standing Wobble (15%) Sitting Bounce (10%) Standing Bounce (15%) Sitting Shake (10%) Standing Shake (15%) General (25%) Total Score
95/100 80/100 95/100 65/100 90/100 70/100 75/100 79/100

The AirRise Pro is only going to be ergonomic for a small segment of the population. The first reason for this is that there is not a dual ergonomic functionality. This means that the monitor platform and keyboard tray are separated at a fixed distance from each other and cannot be adjusted independently.

The second reason is that the adjustment range on the AirRise Pro is very limited. The highest that the unit goes is 15.75” above your existing worksurface for the monitor and 11.5” above your existing desk for the keyboard tray. This is one of the shortest standing desk converters I have tested thus far.

Air Rise Pro Dual Ergonomics

The AirRise Pro provides a decent amount of task space. The unit is 32” wide which is on the smaller side of the standing desk converter spectrum. There is also a cut-out in the front of the monitor platform that takes away a bit of space. I do wish there was a bit more space on the monitor platform, but it is not unreasonable. I can still comfortably fit a notepad, my phone and a few other accessories like headphones and a calculator.

Air Rise Pro Working Area

The keyboard platform provides plenty of space for a keyboard and mouse. I use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. It is a bit bulkier than a standard keyboard, but I had no problems fitting it comfortably on the tray. The front edge of the keyboard tray slopes downward which is nice for your mouse hand. It helps to eliminate pressure caused by a squared edge contacting your wrist.

Note: The underside of the monitor platform and keyboard tray have squared edges and they are rather sharp. Be careful not to scrape your hands on them.

The AirRise Pro does not have a built-in wire management system. Included with the unit are two clips that can be attached with adhesive strips to the underside of the work surface. They indicate with an arrow in the assembly instructions where to place the clips. This system is better than nothing, but a built-in system would be the best method since there are a few pinch points where the wires need to be run.

Air Rise Pro Wire Managment

Affordable Price Point

The price is going to be the best thing about the AirRise Pro. You are getting a good bang for your buck at a sub $200 price point. This is, overall, a solid product and doesn’t feel cheap. The AirRise Pro functions very similarly to higher priced models like the FlexiSpot or Varidesk Pro Plus, but at a much lower price point.


I don’t want to overstate the value of the warranty, but it is a huge upside compared to other products of similar quality and price. Almost all the products that the AirRise is competing against directly, offer a one year warranty or less. The longer warranty does not mean that the product is better, but it certainly ensures that it will last longer.

Shipping and Assembly

The AirRise Pro arrives within a few days and requires no assembly. This puts the AirRise Pro in the same company as the Varidesk and VersaDesk Power in terms of the best turnaround time and least amount of set-up required. This is great for customers that need something right away, would prefer not to install something or both.

Infinite Position Lock

Being able to choose any height you want is a great feature. This is something that is often found on higher end products and you are getting it for less than $200.

Good Stability

The AirRise Pro felt solid at all points during my testing. All the way from sitting up to standing, the product felt stable.

Not Good Option For People Over 5’8″

The most disappointing thing to me about the AirRise Pro is the very limited height adjustment range. With a maximum keyboard height of 11.5”, the amount of people that can comfortably use this product is very limited compared to higher priced units. Standard desk height is 30” which means that the highest the keyboard tray can be from the ground is 41.5”. According to our standing desk calculator, someone who is 5’8” should have their keyboard height at 41.5”. People that are taller than 5’8” cannot use the AirRise Pro ergonomically. I am 5’9” with shoes on and when I am using the AirRise Pro at the highest height, it feels just barely too short. There is a huge segment of the population that simply cannot use the AirRise Pro comfortably.

Difficult to Adjust

I do not like the adjustment system used on the AirRise Pro. As I stated above, the design is the same as an ironing board. The inherent problem with this design is that it produces a very inconsistent lifting speed. Due to the geometry of the x base, the lifting speed slows and becomes increasingly more difficult to lift the higher you go. This is caused because the x base gets smaller as the unit rises but the increase in height is not consistent.


The first inch that the base contracts will move the unit around four inches higher, while the second inch the base contracts will only raise the unit three inches higher. This pattern continues the higher you go. This means that it takes more effort to move the unit when it is at higher heights and the speed of adjustment drastically increases when at lower heights.


The AirRise Pro takes the most physical effort out of any standing desk converter I have tested thus far. I had everyone in our office try it out and everyone could move it, but I could tell that some people were really having to exert themselves.

One final thing to be aware of is that when the AirRise Pro gets down to a certain height, it will drop as if nothing is holding it up. Make sure to be holding the unit up at all times when making adjustment so that it does not fall and damage itself or items on your desk.

Not Dual Ergonomics

You will not be able to change the distance between the keyboard and monitor so there is a chance you will be in a bad typing or viewing posture.

Small Keyboard Space

The keyboard tray is already pretty small and the sidewalls make it feel even tighter. This is not going to be a good option for those of you that have large keyboards or people that really like to move their mouse in wide motions.

Raises Minimum Keyboard Height

The keyboard tray sits on top of your desk so it will increase your normal typing height when seated by about an inch. This does not seem like a lot but it can make quite a big difference for shorter people or people that use a keyboard tray below their normal desk height.

The bottom line is that the AirRise Pro will not “wow” you with any of its features. Truth be told, it is very average. But, for $159.00, that is not a bad thing. The unit takes quite a bit of manual effort to adjust and its limited adjustment range means that it will only work for a small range of users. It does provide good value though for customers that it does fit.

I think that a case can be made for purchasing this product over industry leaders like Varidesk and FlexiSpot as long as you are short enough to use the product ergonomically and strong enough to make the manual adjustments without a lot of assistance from the gas lift. It arrives fast, requires no installation and has a fantastic warranty.

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