8 Reasons You Need Healthcare Vinyl In Your Waiting Room

If you need to update your medical waiting room with new furniture, it is time to take a closer look at healthcare grade vinyl. While many tend to associate vinyl with stiff seating and impersonal spaces, vinyl material has come a long way in recent years. Consumers can now choose from a wide range of colors and patterns that make this classic material just as versatile and stylish as natural materials. Combine that with a long-list of features that make it easy to clean, incredibly hygienic and cost efficient and you have the perfect option for your medical waiting room.

Still feeling skeptical? Here Are 8 reasons why you should outfit your waiting room with healthcare grade vinyl”

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1. Healthcare Vinyl is Easy to Clean

Since the inception of vinyl in the 1920s, it has offered a product that is incredibly easy to clean, which is exactly why it has remained a popular choice for restaurants, hospitals and other high-traffic areas. Spills can be wiped up without leaving a stain and chairs can be disinfected at the end of each day. This is an important feature for waiting rooms that host sick patients. Easy to clean waiting room furniture can stop the spread of germs and illnesses and create a safe environment for patients who may already be dealing with a weakened immune system.

2. Healthcare Vinyl is Waterproof or Water Resistant

Healthcare grade vinyl offers a superior level of water resistance. Any liquids that are spilled on your furniture will simply bead up on the surface without soaking into the cushioning. This will prevent any mold or bacteria from setting up camp in your chairs. For additional protection, you can also choose from a variety of waterproof healthcare grade vinyl options. These materials are manufactured to repel water even as they age. While this might seem like the clear choice, water resistant vinyl materials work to repel water while also providing a level of breathability that isn’t available with waterproof options.

3. Healthcare Vinyl has Antimicrobial Properties

Healthcare grade vinyl is treated with an antimicrobial additive that works to repel microbes and prevent odors from becoming lodged in your waiting room furniture. The antimicrobial chemicals are designed to be released over time so that the vinyl will offer a consistent level of protection for the life of the furniture. You won’t have to worry about your waiting room furniture becoming more susceptible to microbes over time.

4. Germicides Come Standard

In addition to antimicrobial properties, healthcare grade vinyl also comes standard with germicides that have been added directly to the material. The result is medical waiting room furniture that is equipped to kill a variety of germs, bacteria and microbes that can be harmful to humans. Your furniture will be actively working to fight the spread of germs throughout the day.

5. Healthcare Grade Vinyl is Durable

Vinyl also offers an incredibly durable surface that is difficult to damage or tear. Unlike natural fabrics that can experience wear that slowly breaks down the fibers and causes thin spots and holes, vinyl will continue to hold up even in the face of repetitive use. With vinyl, the biggest enemy is direct sunlight, which can cause the color to fade and the material to become brittle. As long as you protect your vinyl furniture from prolonged exposure to direct UV rays, it will continue to perform.

6. Stylish Design Options

In addition to a long-list of practical reasons that make vinyl a smart choice for medical facilities, there are also aesthetic benefits to choosing vinyl. Today’s vinyl upholstery options look and feel more like leather. While early versions of vinyl tended to have an industrial feel that wasn’t exactly comfortable, advances in design and manufacturing have allowed vinyl to become softer and more welcoming. Creating a warm and soothing waiting room can help put patients at ease and help them relax even when they aren’t feeling their best.

7. Cost Effective

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing healthcare grade vinyl products is that they offer a cost-effective solution that will last. Outfitting any type of office with natural materials simply isn’t a practical choice. These materials will quickly show signs of wear, collect dust, germs and microbes and need to be replaced more often. With vinyl materials, you can enjoy attractive furniture that is easy to clean, resists stains, provides a superior level of hygiene and can be used for years to come. Vinyl products are incredibly affordable, especially considering the long-list of benefits they offer.

8. Healthcare Vinyl is Sustainable

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of vinyl material is easy to recycle and a large portion of healthcare grade vinyl material contains recycled content. If you want to support environmentally friendly companies and invest your money in sustainable products, be sure to research furniture manufacturers to learn more about their recycling process. There are plenty of reputable companies out there who are working to protect natural resources and cater to conscientious consumers.

Final Thoughts

With so many reasons why you should consider healthcare grade vinyl, you may be wondering if there is a catch. The one thing to keep in mind when purchasing vinyl vs crypton upholstery is that it can be difficult to repair. While vinyl is designed to resist tears, accidents can happen. Repairing vinyl involves using a patch which will be an obvious addition. There is no way to effectively make the patch blend into the vinyl, which can leave your waiting room looking a little worn and unprofessional. A patch can provide a temporary fix, but if a tear occurs, you may want to consider have your piece of furniture reupholstered.

Today’s vinyl is not what you may have grown up with. It is more stylish, durable, germ resistant and affordable than ever before, which makes it the perfect choice for your medical waiting room. If you are shopping for office furniture or need to find the right solution for your medical facility, don’t be too quick to dismiss vinyl as an option. Healthcare grade vinyl provides a long-list of benefits that simply can’t be matched by other materials.

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