4 Best Sites to Buy Gold Rings in Dubai (2022)

Gold rings are perhaps the most cherished of all gold jewellery gifts, and they are a classic collection.. In particular, any gold jewellery you purchase for yourself demonstrates your independence and financial self-sufficiency.

Solid gold is the costliest and has the highest gold content and quality. Because solid gold does not corrode or fade over time, it is highly appreciated. While a 24k gold ring is the purest kind of gold, it is also flexible and soft, making it unsuitable for everyday jewellery. Alloy is utilized to assist balance the malleability by providing sturdiness.

Gold rings are the height of sophistication and refinement. If you like vintage-style jewellery, a basic gold band can work beautifully. On every occasion, gold rings with floral designs or filigree can give you the required feminine look. When you match your jewellery with the gold earrings styles for everyday use, your wardrobe will be taken to a new level of refinement.

If you are curious about how many karats are in your gold ring. Examining the surface of your gold jewellery for any engravings is the easiest way to ascertain its karat. The karat number of gold jewellery is frequently engraved on it. If your jewellery is 18 karats, the initials “18K,” “18KT,” or anything like should be stamped on it. 

Whether you want a modern or traditional design, rings can be created in a variety of ways. While costume jewellery is attractive and amusing to wear, gold rings for women will help you create a unique fashion statement. Gold rings can also help you make a better first impression on a date or during a business meeting. Gold rings are rather a popular item to buy online. 

Large gold rings for women usually highlight your feminine strength and speak volumes about your style. Gold rings are also timeless, meaning they never go out of fashion. These are much less expensive than other methods of gold jewellery, allowing you to get a high-quality item at a fair cost. 

The contemporary independent woman believes in making her own decisions, especially when it comes to purchasing jewellery. Spend a little more on that gold rings to emphasize the enticing enigma you represent. Every time you look at it, you will be filled with happy feelings.  Many sites offer a huge variety of gold rings in Dubai. People are particularly inclined toward buying gold rings on the sites online.  The number one site that we are going to discuss is Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery. This store is very popular in Dubai. Let’s talk in detail about the company. 

Al-Romaizan Gold and Jewellery

In the Gulf Cooperation Council, Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery is a well-known gold and jewellery enterprise (GCC).Its headquarters are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and it has around 200 branches across Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

They employ 1500 people and have been in operation for nearly six decades. They’ve made a name for themselves as market leaders and experts in the design, production, and distribution of elevated gold and jewellery. Their unique history, vision, and innovative instincts have distinguished them from the competition.

Their reach has spread to over 7 provinces in the UAE as a consequence of their devotion to quality, with branches serving as a highlight of great quality and traditional workmanship. Their jewellery is inspired by both modern and traditional style. Al Romaizan’s gold and jewellery collection include 18k and 21k gold. Bracelets, chains, rings, earrings, hairclips, anklets, and gold sets are just a few of the patterns and styles available.

Whether you are looking for traditional style jewellery or modern style, their store has a diverse collection of jewellery that suits all tastes. Kids have their share of beautiful & unique jewellery of gold & gem. Their online store provides an easy yet interesting online shopping experience. You can customize your bracelet or your gold set gift. You can send lavish gold jewellery gifts the way you like and at a convenient time.

After-sales, bespoke orders, and sizing are all available at Al Romaizan retail locations. They provide exceptional after-sales service to their customers. The company has one of the best gold rings having great quality.  Al Romaizan’s gold and jewellery store business is fueled by its mission statement to sustain a proud tradition via a commitment to quality in craftsmanship, innovation, and design, as well as continual investment in employees and services.  Al Romaizan gold & jewellery has a large social media presence.

Users may stay up to date on their current specials and promotions by following them on social sites such as Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, among others. They take advantage of these social media platforms to promote gold rings to be bought online. 

Kanz Jewels

The second on the list is Kanz Jewels. This brand is famous for the wide variety of gold jewellery particularly gold rings for people to choose from.  The name ‘Kanz’ comes from an Arabic word that means “The Treasure”. Kanz is a valuable favourite amongst respected clientele since it stays loyal to its meaning. With their central location in Gold Souq, you’ll be able to discover one of their boutiques around every corner, enhancing customers’ gold buying experience. As a result, they have earned the reputation of being one of Dubai’s greatest gold jewellery stores.

Kanz is a timeless brand because of its innovative product designs and jewellery collections, as well as the high quality of craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Every Kanz design is a conversation starter, unique in its way. Kanz differentiates from the competition since each item is hand-selected and tailored to your interests. Kanz began with a five-person team and took its first steps in the iconic Dubai Gold Souk. Kanz now has seven Gold Souk shops as well as a separate studio where its jewellery is made. Kanz’s creations are one-of-a-kind and different from one another. Gold rings are a huge item in Kanz and are ranked one of the best. 

Bafleh jewellery

In Dubai, Bafleh Jewellery is a well-known wholesale jewellery company. In 1992, the company was established. The company sells 18kt, 21kt, and 22kt gold and diamond jewellery particularly gold rings, as well as loose and certified diamonds. In the jewellery industry, the company has grown from a small wholesaler to a regional icon.

In the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, America, and Australia, the company has a vast database. They have an amazing collection of gold rings for you to choose from. Understanding their clients’ demands and offering improved, one-of-a-kind products to establish long-term relationships has proven to be critical to their success. 

The company has joined the retail jewellery market, harnessing its expertise and experience in the wholesale jewellery business, amid the rising regional economy, with a larger emphasis on the retail sector in Dubai. The company now operates eight retail showrooms in the United Arab Emirates, with seven in Dubai and one in Sharjah. They have a reasonable social presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Taiba Jewellery

The fourth on the list is Taiba jewellery known for its popularity amongst the masses. They have a great variety of gold rings for you to choose from. Known for its intricate designs, Taiba jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. Taiba is a well-known gold jewellery manufacturer in the vicinity, with top-notch craftsmanship, innovative design, and a keen eye for quality control. Due to its level of competence, Taiba has positioned itself as a strong company for gold design and craftsmanship in parts of Asia and the Middle East during the previous 50 years.

They have a team of fully engaged creative design specialists, as well as cutting-edge tools and equipment, who combine to create hundreds of magnificent jewellery lines each year, incorporating everything from traditional designing and making to cutting-edge digital technology. They offer a huge variety of gold rings having exquisite designs. 


Choosing and wearing the proper accessories can be enjoyable, but it can also be difficult because there are times when the lovely ring you purchased does not look as nice as you had hoped.

So, how do you make sure that the gold ring you buy enhances your beauty without making your fingers appear larger or shorter than they are, especially if you’re self-conscious about either scenario? Depending on the form and width of the ring, it can make your fingers appear shorter or longer. The shape of your fingers, as well as the finger on which you wear the ring, are crucial factors to consider. Proportionality and symmetry will ultimately define how the ring looks on your fingers.

In this scenario, there is no such concept as black and white, and it’s hard to predict whether a ring will make your fingers appear longer or shorter. As a result, your fingers may appear to be longer or shorter as a result of the rings. You’ll have to try on our numerous styles and sizes of rings most of the time to check if they fit and suit your fingers.

A gold ring can be given as a gift to your wife, girlfriend, mother, sibling, or any other loved one. Because most gold rings are worn frequently, they require special attention to avoid losing their lustre over time. Our hands do so much work every day that our finger rings will inevitably become dirty from dust, oil, sweat, soap-water, and other contaminants. As a result, our everyday gold rings require a good cleaning now and again.


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